DIY Painted Earrings

DIY Painted Earrings

These gorgeous DIY Painted Earrings are easy to make, and add a perfect pop of color to your wardrobe. For this project, you can recycle earrings from your stash that have begun to tarnish, like the yellow ones in the picture, or buy the findings from Michael’s or Etsy. The best part of this project is it uses acrylic craft paint, so the color options are endless and inexpensive!

DIY Painted Earrings

Supplies needed:

Earring hooks – found at Michael’s

Filigree/Laser Cut style earring findings – found at Michael’s, Etsy, or recycled

Acrylic Craft Paint – I used Apple Barrel paints from Plaid, they are inexpensive and the colors are bright and fun


Stencil brush

Acrylic Spray Sealer in glossy finish



DIY Painted Earrings


Step One: Lay the earrings on a disposable work surface and use a stencil brush to dab paint on. I tried a foam brush, a bristle brush, and a stencil brush for this project. The stencil brush was by far the best. It didn’t leave brush marks and it got in between the small areas without leaving too much paint behind.

DIY Painted Earrings

Step Two:  Depending on paint color, you may need a second coat.  Let paint dry between coats. I let mine dry on a paper plate, the kind with the glossy finish. To help keep the earrings from sticking to the plate, I moved them around a few times as they dried.

Step Three: Once earrings are dry, spray with a light coat of acrylic sealant in glossy finish and let dry.

DIY Painted Earrings

Step Three: Once sealant is dry, use tweezers to open earring hooks and attach them to earrings.

I really love this project, and will definitely be making more. I wear big earrings on a daily basis, and these are my new fun favorites!


Project tips:

The blue earrings are my favorite, and were purchased at Michael’s.

The yellow earrings were a tarnished pair from my stash that were also missing the hooks. I believe they are originally from Target.

The orange pair were purchased in a lot from Etsy. You can find the same and similar by searching “laser cut earring findings” or “filigree style earring findings.” Make sure you search under supplies, and note that most are shipped from China so delivery can be slow.

I tried both glossy and regular acrylic paint, and they both looked the same once the sealer was applied. So use what you have on hand!


DIY Painted Earrings

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  1. very pretty earrings, the bright colors look great with the design. Love it!

  2. Will be making me some, whoop!

  3. Absolutely love this idea!! Definitely trying it 🙂

  4. I came across this website and I love it! I learned so much on how to create things. Great job No. 2 Pencil

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