Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Bark Bites

Valentine's Day Bark Bites

  Candy Bark, especially white chocolate bark is one of my favorite things to make for the holidays. It’s so easy and everybody loves it. When I was working on a Valentine’s Day bark recipe, I remembered a silicone heart shaped mold I had, so I thought I would try out these bark bites. It worked perfectly, and these White Chocolate Bark Bites will look adorable packaged up for Valentine’s Day gift giving!

Valentine's Day White Chocolate Bark Bites

  This is what you will need to make these Bark Bites! These melting wafer are absolutely delicious. I’ve found them at both the grocery store and at Target. They melt smoothly, unlike white chocolate chips, and they taste great, unlike the a lot of melting wafers! Valentine's Day White Chocolate Bark Bites Follow the directions of the package to melt the wafers. I used a glass bowl and the microwave. Valentine's Day White Chocolate Bark Bites In the bottom of your silicone molds, drop in M&M’s and sprinkles.


Valentine's Day White Chocolate Bark Bites

  Make sure to move your silicone mold to a flat surface, like a baking sheet. Working quickly, pour melted white chocolate into each heart shaped cavity. This can get messy! Once the mold is filled, pick up the baking sheet and tap it on the counter several times to level out the chocolate. Let stand or refrigerate until set. About 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on temperature of kitchen.

 Click on the above picture to find the Heart Mold I used on Amazon!

Valentine's Day White Chocolate Bark Bites Serve these cute little bark bites up to your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Bark Bites
Prep Time
5 mins
Servings: 12 hearts
  • 1 12 oz package of Ghirardelli White Melting Wafers
  • M&M's and sprinkles or choice of toppings
  1. Make sure silicone molds are clean and dry.
  2. Place mold on baking sheet or other flat surface.
  3. Add a few M&M's and a dash of sprinkles into each mold.
  4. Follow directions of package to melt wafers.
  5. Pour melted white chocolate into each cavity.
  6. Tap baking sheet firmly on counter to level out the melted chocolate.
  7. Let cool until hardened.

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  1. Super cute, Melissa! It was so fun to meet you! I love your photography! Hope you’re enjoying ALT!

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  5. My GOODNESS these are cute!! I totally have that mold—gonna make these for my kids!

    I would love this pinned to the party! 🙂 The pic at the bottom of Jade wearing the headband is pinning the best. 🙂


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  9. I love these, they are adorable!

  10. These look easy! I’m so glad Valentine’s Day is on the weekend this year. It gives us more time to make things like this and have some fun.

  11. Hi! Thank you for sharing!
    I borrowed one of your picture and refers to it in my blogg!
    Happy valentines day!

  12. What a cure recipe!

  13. Sandra Lujan says:

    Beautiful Bark Bites!! I cant wait to make them!!


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