DIY Cake Stands

DIY Cake Stands from outdoor plates and cups

Today, I’m sharing these quick and easy DIY Cake Stands. I snagged some outdoor dinnerware at Target last week, and I was admiring the cups when it occurred to me that they would make a great foot for a cake stand. So I flipped them over, popped a plate on top and made the easiest and most inexpensive cake stand ever.

Supplies needed:


Plastic or acrylic plate

Coordinating cup

E-6000 Craft Adhesive

Acrylic craft paint – optional


Step One: Find a coordinating plastic/acrylic plate and glass. Both of these are from Target.


Step Two: This is optional, but I wanted the aqua cup to coordinate a bit better with the plate. So I painted the inside of the aqua cup with two coats of white craft paint. 


Step Three: Use E-6000 craft adhesive, available at Michael’s, to secure plate to bottom of cup. Follow directions for use and work in well ventilated area. 


Step Four: Enjoy your new cake stand! 

DIY Cake Stands from outdoor plates and cups

I love this idea for the upcoming holidays. I see a bunch of Halloween and Christmas cake stands in my future. I especially like the lip on the aqua set, it would work perfectly for jewelry or even cute soaps. 


Check out my Halloween version:


DIY Halloween Cake Stands


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  1. Cool idea Melissa, they look fun and contemporary!!

  2. I love that new Tsrget series. I snagged a bunch of their geometric patterned mugs.

  3. Melissa,

    These are simply great! I am going to have to take a look at them. I have the pieces parts to an old lazy susan but the plate part cracked… I think I am seeing a new jazzy lazy susan in my future. 🙂 Once again thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I love this idea! I think I might hit up the local Target today and see what dinnerware is on sale!

  5. Eek, those are too cute, Melissa! Totally doing this with pretty vintage dishes.

  6. So very cute!! I’ve got to make some of these, especially for the holidays. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. totally awesome!

  8. This is such a great idea! Love the styles you chose too! Such fun. 🙂

  9. pretty stinkin cute – I eyed up these plates at target the other day…swoon!

  10. That dinnerware is so cute! We need some cups for outside. Clever idea, too, to turn them into a fun cake stand. 🙂

  11. I have tried this using coffee cups and their saucers. I am having a Tiered Display link party at my website Homa Style starting Wednesday, August 29, at 8 am {Arizona time}. I would love to see your creation at the party. Here’s the link to the party

  12. Those are the cutest cake stands ever! And so easy!

  13. Thank you for the idea, love it!

  14. What a great idea! Since you used plastic cups, it might be nice to put some sort of “lid” on the cup, and stick some weights inside so it never has the urge to tip!

  15. Is it washable? Dishwasher or by hand only?

  16. So impressive! My only footed serving dishes are formal, and it will be so great to have something casual and so CUTE!!! Thank you for sharing your tutorial, including the great idea to paint the inside of the glass to make it match the plate… great attention to detail! I found you on Craft Gossip today, and shall be investigating your site fully now!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Amazingly cute and simple. I can see a whole buffet set up with these, full of all sorts of foods, not just cakes. If you used a temporary method of sticking them together, like putty (say, the kind you use for weatherstripping windows), you could peel it off and store them in a compact way for the next party, or bake sale.

  18. Velcro would be a great way to attach them and easy to store

  19. Cute! I just painted some old Goodwill candlesticks white to make a dessert stand with these Target plates and bowls (three tiers). I figure Target will come out with some cute Christmas sets I can use for the holidays. I am just using poster putty (the blue kind from the dollar store) to put it together. Cheap, easy to set up, easy to store, and resuable!

  20. Hi! Love this idea. I have been collecting materials to make it for awhile and I finally did it! I linked back to you in my post ( will go live tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Literally Inspired

  21. I hope I can find some cute matching cups and plates somewhere as I don’t have a target near me.

  22. I love this! Thanks so much for the tutorial. Just shared it with my readers and sent them back to you for more.

  23. This is such a great idea! Found you via Yesterday on Tuesday. Thanks so much for sharing! I am definitely pinning this!

    It’s Always Ruetten

  24. This was so quick and easy to assemble. I bought a plate and cup during Target’s summer clearance with the intent of making this craft. I love that I only spend $1 on materials not including the adhesive. It turned out cute. Now I just need some baked goods to display. Already searching for more easy crafts using E-6000.

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