DIY Gallery Wall for Little Girl Room & Cut It Out Frames Giveaway

Little Girl Room Gallery Wall


A few months ago, when we found out baby number three was going to be a girl, we started making plans to convert my daughter’s room into a shared space for both girls. Earlier this month, our daughter Ruby was born and right before she came home, we finally (mostly) finished the room! My favorite part of the room is this DIY gallery wall. When Cut It Out contacted me about doing a project with their products, I knew their frames would be the perfect focal point for the room. I’m in love with these frames, especially the double stacked frames and the 20×30 oval frame we turned into a bulletin board. These cute curvy frames are perfect in a little girl’s room and because they come unfinished, they are completely customizable and budget-friendly! Cut It Out was kind enough to provide one lucky reader with a $100 store credit. Enough to make your own gallery wall! Keep reading to enter!

When I placed my frame order, I had a rough idea of how I wanted the gallery to lay out. We had already painted the stripes on the walls behind the bed and the crib. I had also purchased the large letters from Pottery Barn Kids to hang above the bed and the crib.  I matched the aqua and lavendar paint to the letters and I’m just thrilled with how they came out.

The princess dress prints and map print are from a darling Etsy shop called Ritzy Reba Designs. I spotted The Little Mermaid print on Etsy and thought it was so pretty and clever. I love the dresses on the hanger and knew it would be the perfect way to incorporate my daughter’s favorite princesses into her room. If you love her designs as much as I do, you can order them with a special discount code for No. 2 Pencil readers. Enter “thanks2no2” at check out to get 25% off your prints!


DIY Bulletin Board with Cut It Out frame

 Grace frame in 20×30

When this 20×30 oval frame came, I was initially overwhelmed by the size. 20×30 in the size of the opening, and the thick chunky frame adds an additional 6-8 inches on each side. It’s really gorgeous in person and reminds me a little of the Queen’s magic mirror in Snow White. I decided to make it into a bulletin board, and it was so easy to do. Since I was 10 months pregnant at the time, I enlisted my husband’s help on this one. One thing I did not realize is that cork can be very expensive! Some sheets of good quality cork in this size were around one hundred dollars! This was definitely not in the budget, so I hit Target and found a large wood framed bulletin board for around ten dollars.

My husband pried off the frame, which turned out to be pressed paper and used a jigsaw to cut the cork down to size. The great thing about the oval frames from Cut It Out is that the openings in the back still fit a rectangle in the designated size, so it’s easy to pop your shape in. Since my girls are both so small, I didn’t want any loose tacks in the room just yet, so I’m using washi tape in the mean time to hold up pictures and art work. I still need to add some pictures of our sweet Ruby to the board!


Little Girl Room Gallery Wall

Double Layer Newport frame in 16×20

 US Map Print

This is one of the double stacked frames from Cut It Out. They come in two pieces, so you can paint then glue the front piece to the back and mount on the wall.  I also asked Rebakah from Ritzy Reba designs if she would customize her map print by putting a small heart over our city. I just love how it turned out!

Little Girl Room Gallery Wall

Grafton Frame in 11×14

 Elsa Dress Print

I let me daughter Sadie pick out the dress prints she liked. Her two favorite princesses right now are Elsa and The Little Mermaid. She’s planning on being Elsa for Halloween this year, so here is hoping I can find a real-life Elsa dress without having to pay an arm and a leg on Ebay!


Little Girl Room Gallery Wall

Preston Double Layer Frame in 8×10

 Ariel Dress Print

This double stacked frame with The Little mermaid print is my favorite. After gluing the top down onto the back with liquid nails, I realized that I had actually placed the wrong shape on the frame. The white frame on the left is the matching topper to this double stack, but I think it’s a happy accident because I love the different shapes together. If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember that I posted this frame with a different print inside a few weeks ago. I still love that print, but once I saw these princess prints, I knew my daughter would love them!

Little Girl Room Gallery Wall

Brooklyn frame in 8×10

 Ariel Pink Dress Print

Here is a peek at Miss Ruby’s side of the room. Right now we are keeping it pretty simple since she is still rooming with us. Side note: These frames and Pottery Barn letters aren’t super heavy, but since they are hanging above the crib and bed we secured them to the wall with screws and earthquake putty just to be safe.

Little Girl Room


Sadie loves her room and especially loves how it features her favorite colors and princesses! Ruby is too little to have an opinion, but I’m sure she’ll love her bright and colorful room too.


Little Girl Room Gallery Wall

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DIY Gallery Wall for Little Girl's Room



  1. This is GORGEOUS! You did such a good job! I’m such a sucker for stripes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love all their frames, but would definitely order an 8×10 Preston for our master bedroom.

  3. Connie Boyd says:

    I love the frames! We are getting ready to have our girls share a room and I love this idea – I would definitely get some of the singe and double layer frames to do a fun wall like yours!

  4. Raina DelRio says:

    Oh my! So many choices! I would certainly buy some frames and alphabet letters if I won. I also have my eye on the Snow Christmas decor.

  5. Chelsea says:

    I love the Parker and Chandler frames! Single and double, my mantle would be so cute with those on it!

  6. Congratulations. All the best to you and your family. I love the room. It’s fantastic and so sweet.

  7. Sherry Fram says:

    Adorable room!! Love the frames and the prints are so cute! My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and the prints would make a great gift!

  8. Sherry+Fram says:

    The room is adorable!! Love the frames and prints! Thanks for the links to where you found them. My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and she would love them!

  9. I love the room as well. I have been looking for something for my daughter’s room since we just moved to a new house.
    I think she would love this. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the newest addition to your family.

  10. I would use the credit for a number of different items, such as the letter and also the frames. I am looking for something for my daughter’s room since we moved to a new house and she has a room all of her own.

  11. I would use the credit for a number of different items such as the letters and frames. I have been looking for something for my daughter’s room since we moved to a new home and she has her own room. Thanks for posting and congratulations on the newest addition to you home.

  12. Wendy N says:

    I would love to buy some frames to paint and put up in our family room!

  13. Tiffany says:

    Love the Princess dresses in frames. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Been eyeing these frames for the longest time. Want to create a gallery wall in my kids playroom!

  15. Holly B says:

    I just ordered my first frame from Cut it Out. Can’t wait to order more!

  16. Kimmy Baker says:

    These are absolutely adorable! I love the double layers frames and the huge letters.

  17. Love this! Very cute

  18. JoeyfromSC says:

    Great job on the room!

    I’d spend it on some alphabet wall letters! thank you for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  19. Hello! I’m reading your blog from a mobile and want to try to win the cut it out credit but can’t see how. It said to scroll down and keep reading but then there was nothing about how to win!!!! I love their frames! And your daughters room is darling.

  20. What an adorable room! Congratulations on your little bundle 🙂

  21. Jennifer Hillman says:

    I would buy frames for our new family photos!

  22. These are great! I’m currently working on a gallery wall for my 1year old daughter’s room, and I have the Brooklyn, the Preston, and the Chandler frames in my cart on the Cut It Out website right now!

  23. Vincent Gomez says:

    A variety of the smaller size frames, both singles and doubles. We would like to frame some comic books for our boys room. Might take your idea and frame pictures of their favorite super hero costumes.

  24. Love these cutout frames. Very pretty!!

  25. Brittany says:

    I love the Preston Double Layer!

  26. stephanie says:

    What a cute room! Makes me want to get started on my daughter’s room even more! I love all the frames, especially the double layer ones.

  27. Tiffany says:

    I absolutely adore this room & love everything about it. Great job!!

  28. I love the room! I really like the double frames…nu painting both they can adda punch of color to the room.

  29. Congrats on the new baby! I love this room–so colorful and happy. And the gallery wall is perfect! I love all the prints (Bekah is my sister–she’s amazing!) and you incorporated them beautifully. They look so awesome in those frames!

  30. Jeannie W says:

    Love the room! Definitely need to copy a few of your ideas! 🙂

  31. I would use the credit to buy frames for some adorable prints I have for my baby girl that is coming in November!

  32. I love what you have done with this room, it’s sooo adorable! I would get all the double layer frames – super cute.

  33. I love the room, it’s so adorable! I would definitely buy the double layer frames – super cute!

  34. I love the bold stripes you’ve done in their room! The stacked frame is my fave from Cut it Out.

  35. Samantha Miller says:

    New to your site. Love the wall and room colors. We did the same colors but Chevron stripe instead. These frames would finish off the project!

  36. Samantha+Miller says:

    I would love several double frames!

  37. I love all the frames from cut it out but i like to buy the 20 x 30 balboa and preston and newport frames.

  38. I would purchase the standing alphabet letters. If there was any left I’d go frame shopping! Love the room you did an amazing job. Everything is adorable!

  39. I would pick some of the standing up ABCs and if there was any left I would pick out frames. Love this room! You did a fantastic job it is adorable!

  40. I love the double frames. I would love to have the big letters for my girls room too! Great job on the room!

  41. Love the princess dress prints! Such a cute way to incorporate all the Disney princess love in a more stylish way :o)

  42. This is amazing! I have a wall in my daughters room that is perfect for this!! I am inspired- thank you 🙂

  43. I am inspired! If I won I would love to recreate this in my daughter’s room- she would love it!!!

  44. This is amazing!!! I want this for my daughter’s room and I have the perfect wall for it!

  45. It’s all adorable! Love the colors and layers.

  46. Brittney Swick says:

    I hope to win the giveaway!!! Great blog

  47. Kristin says:

    Been looking for frames to decorate a workspace at a hospital and came across your blog!

  48. I would buy the “love” sign, some letters and the “Brooklyn” frame. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  49. Adorable set up and color combo!!

  50. Ashley Outland says:

    Wow, I love what you did with your frames! I would choose frames in the Preston design!

  51. This is adorable!

  52. I like the Chandler – 16×20 Single Layer for my daughter’s room.


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