Apothecary Terrariums

I have a few apothecary jars that I have been collecting, and I use them for seasonal display. In the fall, I filled them with spray painted pine cones and for Christmas, they held red glittery ornaments. After Christmas, I was ready to freshen them up with something green and springy.

I headed to Home Depot, and bought a bag of indoor potting soil and two small planting containers of Irish Moss. Total cost was under $10. I filled them up and lightly watered so they wouldn’t be overly wet.

This is week five, and they are thriving. I have only sprinkled a little water in them once. If they do go south, I will clean them out and use some fake moss from Michaels to turn them into faux apothecary terrariums. But for now, they look beautiful, and they are killing it with their springy freshness.

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